The Duty of Candour underpins the Scottish Government’s commitment to openness and learning which is vital to the provision of the safe, effective and person-centred health and social care.


A Duty of Candour procedure should be followed when an unexpected or unintended incident has occurred, where the incident results in:

  • Someone has died
  • Someone has permanently less bodily, sensory, motor, physiologic or intellectual functions
  • Someone’s treatment has increased because of harm
  • The structure of someone’s body changes because of harm
  • Someone’s life expectancy becomes shorter because of harm
  • Someone’s sensory, motor or intellectual functions is impaired for 28 days or more
  • Someone experienced pain or psychological harm for 28 days or more
  • A person needed health treatment in order to prevent them dying
  • A person needing health treatment in order to prevent other injuries

About Colquhoun Park EYC

  • Local authority centre with the registered capacity for 58 children at any one time.
  • Linked to Colquhoun Park Primary School.
  • Extended Year - Day care of children provided between the hours of 8am and 6pm.
  • 16 Early Years staff. 

Procedures to follow in the case of an Incident where duty of candour would be actioned:

  • All incidents reported to Head Teacher and local authority
  • Reported as necessary to Care Inspectorate and EDC Health & Safety
  • Review of incident with involved staff
  • Risk assessment carried out
  • Adaptations carried out when necessary
  • Wellbeing Support available for staff affected by incident
  • Supports offered to children and families affected by incident 
  1. How many incidents have occurred to which the Duty of Candour applies?

There have been 0 incidents between January 2022 and January 2023 to which Duty of Candour has applied.

  1. If so, have the correct persons been notified?



Duty of Candour produced: January 2024
Created by: Kady Tamburrini – Depute Head of Centre
To be reviewed: January 2025