Our four House Teams are a fantastic way to bring all our pupils and staff together.

Children with tokens

It helps to build a sense of unity and pride as they compete weekly for house points. The winning house at the end of each term, enjoys a fun-filled afternoon out of class with their house mates. Children also compete in their houses for our annual Sports Day as do our staff and parents.

Family Grouping

Each house is made up of 8 smaller families comprising at least 1 child from every stage of the school. Our families get together for special events throughout the year, e.g. fundraisers, World Book Day etc and have the opportunity to develop many different skills. Our P7 pupils take on the lead role during family grouping sessions and carry out a variety of fun activities with their group. Our P7s are also buddied up with our new Primary 1 pupils during our Induction Days in the summer term, they take their role very seriously and are a huge support to our new entrants every year by helping them play and settle into school life. Our new P1s are always in the same house as their P7 buddy and where possible, the same family group.